Today, businesses are dependent on information and Intellectual Property (IP) more so than ever before to bolster the revenues and profit margins of the company.

This information is stored on and transmitted by large, complex, often difficult to manage Information Systems (IS). Additionally, the vast number of threats and the multitude of vulnerabilities on these systems are at an unprecedented level and growing.

Tactical Security Inc. is a team of security professionals dedicated to providing timely, cost-effective solutions customized to meet the individual business requirements for the protection of enterprise assets. All of our consultants are Certified Information System Security Professionals (CISSP). We not only “hold the certification”, but TSI consultants are also authorized (ISC)2 instructors, routinely helping others to obtain the highly coveted CISSP credential.

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    Effectively managing a business or enterprise hinges on the ability to produce the products or services of the company while ensuring that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information is adequately protected.

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    Enterprise Security Integration – takes a holistic approach to securing corporate assets by weaving security practices into the fabric of the company rather than making it a patch-fix or afterthought.

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    The ability to better manage corporate risk by having an in depth knowledge of the needs of the business and the impediments to meeting those needs.

    A tailored corporate infrastructure that supports the organizational mission while maintaining a strong, effective security posture.

    Improved compliance: The ability to prove to stakeholders, regulators and lawmakers that the organization is appropriately addressing the risks to the company.